Touring Perth

Two weeks of touring Perth, and seeing family, was wonderful, but for us very tiring.

Now was the time for us to have a break, take our time doing what we wanted, the main purpose of our holiday. Don’t get me wrong, we wanted to see our family, it was important

Walter with his Red FJ62
Walter with his Red FJ62

and an invaluable experience.

Of course, this meant a MacDonald’s (Macca’s) breakfast, and as we were driving through a city of which we had little knowledge, Perth, we had missed our first Macca’s. After driving for another 40 minutes or so, we saw an opportunity to get “breakfast”, and a late one at that! And that is where we encountered a chance meeting, enter Walter McGuire.

A love of “6o’s”

The reason that we met Walter was because he drove an excellent example of a Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 (a “60”) and parked it right outside the window facing the table at which we were sitting.

We had a fantastic time with Walter, exchanging photos and family discussions and naturally our conversation turned towards other activities of interest, in particular our common link, “the 60”!

Whether your 60 is in the “best of condition” or not is irrelevant when 60’s owners get together. This is the case here, mine is not in the best condition, it is however, still operating sufficiently well to take us from my home in Sydney, to Perth and return.

However, the 60 (1984 to 1989) is an exceptional vehicle and will more than keep up with the modern day 4wd’s in any 4wd expedition. In addition, to the blinkered view that we 60’s owners take of our vehicles, they are one of the most beautiful and reliable 4wd’s ever produced.


Go Cultural – Aboriginal Tours and Experiences

Once Walter was comfortable with us he provided us with some lovely insights into the Aboriginal Culture. There is so much for us to learn about this fascinating culture that it would take many years to do so.

The best way to learn about Walter’s culture is to visit his website, have a look around it and then when you are visiting Perth make contact and partake in a tour. Walter is a humble man, one who has embraced our culture in much the same way that we should embrace the Aboriginal culture.

A brief example of cultural ceremonies is outlined below, more can be read on Walter’s website.

Welcome to Country

The term “Welcome to Country” is in traditional Nyungar language “welcome”.

Traditionally, a tribal welcome would take days or even weeks to complete as many tribes took time to celebrate important matters in their own particular manner. A Welcome to Country, as Walter described it, is now a much shorter ceremony reflecting the traditional custodians’ duty to safeguard the land and communities.

Smoking ceremony

A “Smoking ceremony” is about a Nyungar fire-maker creating a fire and how fire and smoke are used to “urge” lost and bad spirits to depart. Thus bringing back peace and balance to those who are caused spiritual disturbance.

A final word about Walter, the “60” driving Aboriginal who loves nothing more than driving a “real 4wd” into the bush for a few weeks with family and friends. A bit like we are doing ourselves.

Hoping that you regard the experience of learning about new and different cultures, as well as learning more about our own history, something important in your life. If so, visit Perth have a look at how the city was built, and allow a chapter in your life to be devoted to Aboriginal Culture. Walter will look after you!

We will now be communicating with each other via Facebook, and or email, commencing, we hope a valuable friendship.


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