Summary of the Perth Trip

Sydney to Perth road trip
Sydney to Perth road trip

This plan has been modified as a result of family issues, the trip is still to Perth however it will now start in Sydney, about two weeks later than first planned.

This trip is from Sydney to Perth via Melbourne, crossing the Nullarbor in the process!

The first part of this trip involves heading south to Melbourne to see family before we proceed on the trip.

Pictures from all of our stops will be uploaded during the course of the trip, where possible.

A brief summary of the stops is listed here, and a commentary will be included once the area has been visited. These comments will certainly help us remember the trip and we believe will be of value to others, and perhaps even be of assistance in planning their trip.

Barbour Park Gunning
Barbour Park Gunning

Sydney (home)

Gunning (two nights)

There is a great little free camp at Barbour Park, beside the creek. Room for a handful of campers, caravans, camper trailers and RV’s – there is also a dump point, but not in Barbour Park. (Have stayed here a few times, love the place)

Chiltern (Victoria – O/night)

Another quaint town, although a bit bigger than Gunning. We will be staying with family here.

Melbourne (2 nights)

Will be meeting up with friends and family, but only a short stay as I lived there for a number of years.

Lake Elingamite (near to Cobden – (O/night))

Burnt trees
Burnt trees near Lake Elingamite Campsite

Stayed here around 12 months ago, and returned because it was a beautiful spot. This year however, there had been some major bush fires, we were the first people to stay in the camp site after those fires.

This is a great free camping site, magnificent trees are still there, not touched at all by the fires. We were there in April 2018.

Mount Gambier (SA)

Blue Lake Mt Gambier
Blue Lake Mt Gambier

Having never been to Mt Gambier previously, we were keen to explore the Blue Lake, and as many “sink holes” as was humanly possible in our short stay. A “sink hole” is basically a great big hole in the ground with a cave usually being found at the bottom of the hole.


This is one of the most picturesque locations around!

Great German flavour to the town. I might add the Hahndorf Tourist Resort Park is a fantastic place to stay, the staff are fantastic and nothing is too much trouble.

We had a mechanical gremlin with our vehicle. The owner, Mr Brian Schirripa helped us park our camper trailer (as it was stuck half way into the site). Next morning he arrived to take me down to order the parts, he did the same when the parts arrived!

Nutt Bush Retreat

A working station, 40 kilometres from Port Augusta is a unique place to stop. It is not 5 star, far from it, but it does offer a very unique and enjoyable experience.

It offers country style accommodation, with a camp kitchen, swimming pool, restaurant and bar.

As well as those offerings there is a reception room with a TV, pool table and large open fire if you want to start it. Beautiful experience.


Kyancutta, is at the intersection of two major highways, in country South Australia. It is a very old community, and everything is closed on Sundays, the day we arrived.

We arrived earlier than we expected, and needing fuel we decided to continue to Minnipa, not far down the road.


Our arrival in Minnipa lead us to (fuel of course) and a great little free  campsite, with an interesting structure for the toilet facilities. See picture, to be posted here soon.

There are many there attractions in this area and we will be heading back there as soon as possible.

Fowler’s Bay

Fowler’s Bay was a bit of a let down in many ways, the main attraction for me was to explore the benefits of running a caravan park on solar, or totally off grid. The park does operate totally off grid, however a generator runs for a large part of the night, to charge the batteries. Doesn’t seem like a viable option for me to be totally off grid in that situation.

If you were a fisherman, or involved in the fishing industry you would absolutely love this place.

In short, for the average person Fowler’s Bay is worth a visit, and it may be an idea to book into the caravan park well before you intend to arrive, as it is usually full.

There are sand dunes for the kids to explore, a play ground in the park but not much else for kids to do.

Border Village

This was right on the border of South Australia, and Western Australia and the location of a large inspection station for fruit, vegetables and other goods which are not allowed to be taken across the border.

The service station, motel / caravan with a restaurant and gaming facilities is a large complex. The rooms were very basic, and at $139.00 we expected more.

Next day we ventured into WA via the inspection station and immediately headed towards the EUCLA Old Telegraph Station, some 10 or so kilometres down a good dirt road. I have a new found respect for the pioneers of Australia, they endured hardships we cannot ever imagine.

Cocklebiddy and Balladonia

These are two places which we intended to stop at, however due to our longer than expected delays in Hahndorf and extra time in Kimba, where we did not stay, we decided to make haste and do some “catching up” – so much for 300 kilometres a day!

Our next two stops

The next two stops were at “free camping” locations on the highway.


Catching up on our travels took it’s toll, and effectively we gained nothing from the exercise as we stayed in Kalgoorlie for two days. Apart from looking at the Pink Brothel we did absolutely nothing.

Boorabbin National Park

We drove for only a few hours today, and stopped for a cup of tea at Boorabbin National Park and enjoyed our break so much we decided to stay for the night.


Having stayed at Boorabbin National Park we had changed the order of our stops, accordingly we drove straight to our caravan park in Butler, WA from Boorabbin.

Our return to Sydney

The return journey is not planned as such and may consist of a tour of the countryside across the Nullarbor Plain that I did not get to see or depending on other issues I may need to drive straight back to Sydney.

This return journey can be viewed on this link once it is completed.

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