Our first day, from home to Gunning

Gunning Free camp, next door to creek
Gunning Free camp, next door to creek

Whilst our first day is a trip from home to Gunning, it is not really a long way, around 300 Kilometres in total. What a fantastic way to start the holiday of a lifetime.

The drive from Sydney to Gunning is not that hard, a few steep hills, bit of undulation and some good viewing to be had by driver and passenger. The best thing is that we start to breathe much fresher air!

As you can see in the image to the right, there is a swimming pool in Gunning. It is located right next to the “free camp” along with toilets and showers.

Packing the car, the final bits and pieces

As the morning unfolds, we need to pack our belongings and be sure that we have not left anything behind, so the packing list is:

  • clothes, including a coat, gloves and beanie!
  • appropriate footwear, that includes the thongs (flip-flops)
  • toiletries, including our medicines
  • mobile phone (cell phone)
  • laptop
  • camera
  • charging devices for all the above

In the madness of the mornings activities we are sure to forget some items, and sure enough, we need to go to my friends place to collect their charger for their phone. Of course, it was a different charger to my phone!

Lucky, that we are not in a rush, because I know that a mistake like that would, in most situations cause much drama, especially if there was a specific time limit for the whole holiday – like school holidays! Too much stress, but we are fine.

Finally, on the road and starting to relax

Last minute checks of the car, fill up with fuel and we are on the way.

Mentally, as we drive the first few kilometres I am going through my list of things that I really need – do I have them?

As I am going through checking off my list I realise that we have done 20 kilometres, no turning back now! If I didn’t put it in, it is my bad luck and I will have to go without.

Not before long we have arrived at the turn off to Gunning, and as we drive into this lovely little town, we notice that the air is a bit fresher, the wind is gently blowing the trees around and there is absolutely NO TRAFFIC! We have arrived at our first overnight stop, Barbour Park on the edge of the creek.

Having stayed here before, we know the best spot but given that the size of this spot is not large every spot is good. We position ourselves for an early start because we would really like to check out some small towns on the edge of the Riverina before we arrive in Chiltern mid-afternoon. We will be staying with family in Chiltern.

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