Heywood, Victoria

During our drive from Lake Elingamite we stopped at a number of places before we arrived in Mt Gambier, one of those places was the lovely township of Heywood.

 rose garden
Lovely rose garden next to Fitzroy River

We stopped for lunch at the bakery, had a stroll around the main street and admired the older buildings. At that point we went back to the car for a drive, and we found a park at the end of the main street next to the Fitzroy River running through town.


The Heywood swimming pool and public park reserve, has been beautifully landscaped, catering for all members of the family. There were pathways through a general garden full of knee-high plants, some sign boards with history written on them, which led to a “water tank” for the kids to climb, a “tractor” for the kids to drive and ended up, back at the beginning with a carousel for all to use.

The carousel caters for the wheelchair bound people of society, as well as for other members of the family. See picture below left.

wheel chair suitable carousel

This park really entices the weary traveller to stop for a rest, and to let the kids go wild. It has plenty to keep kids busy for an hour or so, and mum and dad busy setting up the picnic, BBQ or just to sit back and enjoy.

With Heywood being nearly 2 hours from Lake Elingamite, and just over an hour to Mount Gambier it was a perfect place to stop for a lunch break, rest and do a bit of sight seeing.

We didn’t exhaustively tour the town, which meant that we missed out on seeing the South West Road Transport Wall of Legends! This is the Google maps link to this “wall of fame”: Wall of Legends and it was only a 3 minute drive from the park at which we stopped for an hour or so!




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8 thoughts on “Heywood, Victoria

  1. Stella Reply

    Hey, Steve;

    Thanks for sharing this post about Heywood, Victoria. That park does indeed look like a nice place to stop with kids. Children need to get out and stretch after long drives, as do the adults. Lol

    It’s great that the carousel is wheelchair-accessible. It’s so nice to see that municipalities are making those kinds of improvements.

    It will be nice to see where the road takes you next. Happy travels! 🙂

    • Steve Post authorReply

      Thankyou Stella,

      We are planning our next BIG trip now but in the meantime there will be lots of little ones, like weekends away, a month here, month there and some time at home to mow the grass.

      I am glad that you will be following our future trips.


  2. Bibian Reply

    This actually sound good, a place to relax and cash some fun with your whole family and even friends. I love travelling and going for tourism because it’s fun. From the review the Heywood, Victoria is actually a place that needs to be visited with family because it looks conducive. I wish to be there someday.

    Thanks for making places like this be known.

    • Steve Post authorReply

      Keep on looking at this site and you will find many places just like Minnipa to visit.

      There is so much to see and do it could take you years to travel Australia, not that any of us have that much time.

  3. Priya Reply

    Heywood,Victoria seems to be a lovely place for families ! I loved the tractor the most! It can a good day out with Lake Elingamite being just 2 hours away and one hour from Mount Gambier. Parents need to rest  little while , if the kids can be kept busy and this park seems to be the perfect spot!

     I will keep this recommendation in mind when I visit  Adelaide. 

    • Steve Post authorReply

      As a parent, an older one, I fondly remember the laughter of the kids as they ran to a new playground after a few hours of travel. Heywood, would have been a perfect place for my family as I am sure it could be for many others.

      Free camping was not far away from this playground.

  4. Connecting 2 Wheelz Reply

    Hello Steve, 

    This sounds like a great excursion,  my only wish is that i might someday be able to travel, and check out places like this as well. I like how you showed us a great example of a relaxing rest stop for travelling parents. Awesome for the locals to cater for wheelchair activities.  Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. Keep up/ the good work

    • Steve Post authorReply

      We loved this place, plenty of activity for anyone and everyone whilst catering for the travel weary parent.

      Not far from Heywood is some of the best roads for touring on a motorbike, along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

      Save your pennies and make a visit, it will be a dream come true.

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