Free camping halfway across Australia

Free camping halfway across Australia at Kimba, a place we did not know anything about. So why did we stop?

Half Way Across Australia
Half Way Across Australia

There is a rather large sign on the way into Kimba letting everyone know that Kimba is the halfway point across Australia. So how could we not go into town and have a look?

The best thing we could have done, the place is geared towards the tourist, catering for families, Grey Nomads and anyone who is not in these groups!

Main features of Kimba

Big Galah
Big Galah

The Big Galah
The Big Galah, is one of the biggest features of the town, and has been for many years. It is hard to miss!

It is on the Eyre Highway, just before the right hand turn into the town centre (actually the last turn into the town centre).





Silos in Kimba
Silos in Kimba

The silos are located beside the Eyre Highway as you are driving into the city, but the best view can be had of these from the street which runs parallel to the highway. In fact, when you reach the sign Welcoming you to Kimba, there is a street to the right, if you take that, then next left over the railway line and follow this road into town, the silos will be on your left. Worth a look, as you can see here.




Kids Playground
Kids Playground

As I mentioned above Kimba has Central Park, but it also has another small park in the centre of town, opposite the pub. This park honours war veterans, and is very beautiful, with an under cover area set aside for picnics, BBQ’s etc

Central Park is a few streets further back from the centre of town. It has a large pool, a very large children’s playground area with a jumping balloon in the ground.

In addition, there is also a BBQ area with honour rolls of special Kimba people and a wealth of information as well, and toilet and shower facilities.

Free camping and sports ground

Kimba Free Camping
Kimba Free Camping

Not far from Central Park is the Kimba Recreation Reserve, incorporating:

  • The showgrounds,
  • Cricket club,
  • AFL football team,
  • Netball team,
  • Tennis club,
  • Lawn bowls,
  • Horse riding club,
  • Free camping and
  • excellent functions rooms catering for weddings and the like.

We toured the area and were most impressed with the facilities, with one exception. There is not a lot of shade, something which could be remedied with some effort.

Other features of Kimba

Major Attractions in Kimba
Major Attractions in Kimba

As we were halfway through the day, and on our way to Minnipa, we did not get to see all that Kimba has to offer. We know that they have displays of old farming equipment, cars etc, a walking trail called: Roora Walking Trail and many other attractions.

Kimba is well worth a stay of at least 2 nights, preferably also on a week day as the shops were closed on the day we arrived, Sunday!


History of Kimba

Whilst we were having lunch at Central Park, we met a local, Clarrie Hutchins who filled us in on some of the history of the town.

In the 1800’s there were many smaller farms, of around the 5 to 10,000 acres size which ensured that there were many people visiting town for supplies, supporting the town and making life very vibrant.

With the dawn of the large farming enterprises, owned by corporations most of these smaller farms were “swallowed up” thereby reducing the numbers coming into the town. The end result was that the population has dwindled to a relatively small number, and recorded as just over 600 in the 2006 census. Having driven around the city, I would estimate that this number has increased, marginally!

Accordingly, the people of the town have been looking for other ways to attract people to their special place.

Kids Bounce Mat
Kids Bounce Mat

You will notice that Google maps does not show Central Park with the extended children’s playground, nor the silo’s painted. I believe that the Google maps of this area are around 5 years old, meaning that in the last 5 years the people of Kimba have banded together to improve the “look and feel” of the township.

This is a clear indication that they are looking for the traveller.

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8 thoughts on “Free camping halfway across Australia

  1. Clarrie Hutchins Reply

    Thanks Steve for the great intro to our great town. Pleasure meeting with you and sharing some local history. All the best for your travels. Cheers Clarrie

    • Steve Post authorReply

      My time spent talking to you provided me with some wonderful local knowledge and made our visit to your town that much more enjoyable. It is great to find out about the various issues which impact small country towns. It is something which, as a city person, I did not realise, particularly, how much effect the simple things have.

      As I travel the country now, I will be placing much more emphasis on learning about local issues and bringing these to the attention of others, along with fantastic places to see.

      Our next visit will include several days of free camping whilst we enjoy the delights of your area, and support your community as best we can. Looking forward to our next visit.

  2. Aimee O'Donohue Reply

    Hi Steve, I’m glad you enjoyed this wonderful little town where I grew up. My Dad is the president of the historical museum and would be more then happy to give you a tour when you are in the area again. Warm regards, Aimee.

    • Steve Post authorReply

      Thank you Aimee, I certainly did enjoy your little town.

      You can be guaranteed that I will take your Dad up on your offer when I visit again!

      What is your favourite activity within the town or area?

      I certainly enjoyed Central Park, and would really enjoy visiting other attractions in the area including the Gawler Ranges National Park.

  3. f1shbiscuits Reply

    I am a fan of hiking and free camping with my friends. I think these kind of activities have a great positive impact on our well being. I would really love to travel to a different country to experience the culture around it. Is there a tour available for us to follow around the landmark you have promoted?

    • Steve Post authorReply

      It is so good to hear that you like hiking and camping with your friends.

      There are many opportunities to travel Australia with friends in either organised tours or embark on a self drive tour. We see many overseas tourists travelling our country, and all really enjoy themselves.

      I would advise that you check out how we go about camping because there are some seriously nasty animals in Australia, but if prepared you wont have a problem. I guess our country is no different to other countries in that we all have issues to be considered to be safe. I am thinking bears, lions and other large animals.

      Don’t be scared, be prepared.

  4. Marlinda Davis Reply

    Wow, this place is so beautiful! I don’t even like camping but this place is making me consider it just to be in such a beautiful location. I really love that mural Silo. I wonder how they keep it looking so perfect. I know my daughter will also love playing at the playground. I’m seriously putting this on my list of places I want to visit. 

    • Steve Post authorReply

      Thank you Marlinda, we found it beautiful as well.

      We ended up staying there for several hours, which made us arrive at our next free camping spot in the dark.

      In fact, Kimba was one of the most friendly and interesting places we visited in our entire trip!

      Our plan is to return and stay there sometime during the second half of 2019. This will give us time to explore ALL of the wonders surrounding the township.


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