Boorabbin Rest Area

Bower Bird on car mirror
Bower Bird

The Boorabbin Rest Area is only a short drive from Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia, around 1.5 hours in fact.

We had stayed in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for two nights and had explored the Pink House, Questa Casa which is Australia’s oldest brothel. It has run for around 100 years, in Western Australia where brothels are illegal!

Now back to more interesting topics …

The Boorabbin Rest Area arrived for us at an appropriate time, as we were in need of a rest break, and this was the perfect place for a rest. The facilities here are good for a rest stop, and the picturesque nature of the park tempted us to stay for the night.

As Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a bit over 7 hours to where we were going in the north of Perth, free camping for a night was on the cards, in fact it was necessary. Apart from our stated idea of 300 kilometres a day we were nearing the end of a 5000 kilometre trip, with a cat, and it was time for a rest.

What is so attractive about this rest area?

Boorabbin Rest Area
Boorabbin Rest Area

The natural bush is amazing, with such a diverse range of plant and animal life, we could not drag ourselves away from the place.

It took us around half an hour to decide where to camp, because there were so many great spots, but it just had to be right!

Finally, we stopped and this little baby bower bird (pretty sure it is a bower bird) landed on the mirror of the car. This just had to be the place to camp for the night. It was fairly obvious that these birds were very comfortable in the company of humans and vehicles, they would just walk away, not fly off!

Bower On Rock
Bower On Rock

Not long after we had set up, a few other birds had arrived and suddenly we had a feeding frenzy between baby magpies and bower birds. They were feeding on our dry biscuits.

We had a very restful and quiet night in this area. Of note was the fact that there was no rubbish to be seen, at all. This is a theme we encountered throughout much of Western Australia, and most notably in Perth.

If you believe these birds pictured here are not bower birds please leave me a comment below and I will confirm opinions, and make the appropriate comments. Thank you.



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