Best free bush campsites near Sydney​

Mystery Bay
Mystery Bay

It happens to all of us. We have a hard week at work, too many hours, too much stress resulting in the need to find the best free bush campsites near Sydney (or your home city) and get away for the weekend.

Whether it is a planned weekend away or a “I must get away this weekend” type of trip where nothing is planned. You do know one thing though, it is that all of your gear is packed and ready to go!

The only other issue is to decide whether to go camping, stay in a motel, resort or caravan park.

Bush Camping
Bush Camping

Given that I live in Sydney, it is an obvious starting point to describe areas to go camping in and around Sydney. In an area defined approximately by these locations, many of us will find somewhere to go for that elusive weekend away. The area which we are discussing starts from the North of Sydney around to the South Coast, bounded by:

    • Ulladulla in the South
    • Mungo Brush in the North
    • Orange in the West
    • Yass in the South West
    • Mudgee in the North West

Most of these locations are within a 3 hour drive of most areas of Sydney, perfect for that enjoyable weekend trip.

Then the only other decision to make is whether to go to a popular and busy camping place or head for a quiet weekend away from those crowds.



Family weekend away camping

Arriving home from work on Friday evening, all it takes is to hook up the camper trailer, caravan or trailer and head off to your desired location. Hopefully you have had a chance to work out where to go, if not, a Google search for:

“best free bush campsites near Sydney”

will find some exciting places for you to consider, such as this result from the above search:

An example result for the search for the best free bush campsites near Sydney

It is now time to look forward to that fun weekend activity (or two) especially with the kids in tow. It is true that in most cases the best camping sites are most often close to home, in my case, near Sydney.

Glamping In Style
Glamping In Style

As mentioned above, deciding whether to go to a popular free camping site or to go more bush and away from the crowds is your final decision.

This is an interesting conundrum. The primary driving force behind getting away for the weekend with your family is to escape the pressures of life.


By going to a popular free camping site is it perhaps a case of being comfortable in the security of having others around, or a hidden desire to maintain some form of social contact. This is not a surprising answer to getting away because most of the people who are camping with you are there for the very same reasons. That in itself is a good option because these people are in the mood for relaxation and more relaxation.

However, if you choose to go into the bush, and get away from all other people (as far as possible) so that it is just you and your family then you are truly relaxing with those close to you, and building a better family life.

There are other considerations too, those with no children will have a different idea to those with a bunch of excited children. But those with the children need to decide if their needs for this particular weekend require time away from the kids too, or more of a bonding weekend.


Family weekend away in a motel,
resort or caravan park

This is certainly a fantastic option for a weekend away, especially if you have younger children or need to take an elderly parent with you. The safety and security of these types of accommodation certainly fit many families needs.

It is of paramount importance that a family can holiday in a location in which they are totally comfortable, a holiday where the needs of the family are met as well as the end of a very busy week at work.

Anyone can easily find somewhere to stay when seeking out this type of holiday. There are many options to find last minute and cheaper options for such accommodation, websites like:


Many caravan parks and resorts are totally focused on the family unit and therefore provide a range of activities for these families. In fact, many times these are a better holiday from a parents’ perspective in that it provides them with quality time for themselves whilst their children enjoy energetic activities with other children.


Why do families suddenly need to get away for a weekend

The pressures of modern life are such that many workers are essentially chained to their job due to social media, email and text messages. These forms of communication are immediate, and as we have been conditioned to read, reply or like messages, many of us are then drawn into a position where we need to respond. Hence, our working lives invade our freedom.

Family bush walking
Family adventure in the bush

In addition to these social intrusions, brought about by technology and our desires to connect, we have many people with mortgages and other expenses which places immense pressure on the worker and family. So much so, that we must do everything in our power to ensure that “the money keeps coming in”.

These pressures also mean that any form of holiday needs to be carefully planned and budgeted, to the point that many people can only afford one decent holiday every couple of years.

Translating this back to the everyday lives of people and suddenly we have a situation where “the pressure to perform becomes too much” and there is a sudden need to “get away for a weekend”. Naturally, this means that the destination can only be in close proximity to the place in which a person lives.

The major locations where this occurs most often is the larger cities (ie Sydney, Melbourne etc) where travel to and from work is long and tedious, adding to the pressure involved.

The best solution that I have found, and many others too (if you can believe social media), is to go free camping in the bush. Away from internet coverage, and therefore the interruptions and intrusions of modern life.


How do you resolve the need for a weekend away

Do you arrive home on Friday night, tell the family to jump in the 4wd and I will hook up the camper?

To have that ability is something that many of us would think is fantastic. However, a serious question: Why can’t you do that?

I know that I can do just that, my children have all moved out and it is only me and my partner to worry about, so we just go.

Can you do that?

Does this help you trying to find a free camping site near Sydney, especially after a tough week at work? Let me know, perhaps I can help a bit more.


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