Best camping spots in NSW

Best Camping
Best Camping

The best camping spots in NSW are those that are easy to get to in less than 3 hours!

If I am going away for the weekend, I like to pack and leave on Friday after work, which makes getting to your campsite within three hours really important.

Judging by the people who arrive at around the same time, there is a lot of others with the same idea.


Why camp close to home

Why do so many people ask where they can go camping near home?

Perhaps they have one of these reasons for asking:

  • they are running out of ideas
  • looking for places others may have found
  • can’t be bothered looking

The solution can be quite easy, just get onto Facebook, search Google download Wikicamps or get out the Camps books!

By asking a question in one of your FB groups you will more than likely get responses within 10 minutes and a half a dozen more over the next day.

It is certainly possible that people who normally go out camping have become tired of the same old sites in which they normally camp. Perhaps their regular sites are now too busy, too noisy and they are looking for something a bit more remote, less popular and just as enjoyable as they have had before.


The noisy camper

Gone Fishing for the peace and quiet
Gone Fishing for the peace and quiet

So you arrive at your campsite at around 6pm and find a great spot. We usually go away to have peace and quiet for a weekend, perhaps go for a drive or just sit back by the river and relax. There is nothing worse than the noisy camper, with their generator right next to you.

Why can’t they setup somewhere else, or arrive earlier than us so that we can choose a site away from the noisy generator.

This is something which is discussed in many forums, on Facebook and other social media sites. There does not seem to be a solution, especially after you are setup and the noisy camper arrives much later.

The noisy camper does one or all of these things:

  • run a noisy generator
  • let their children “loose”
  • don’t control their dogs
  • run their car motors right next to your bed
  • play loud music late at night
  • have loud conversations

and all of these things are extremely annoying, especially when you have settled in for the night and are in need of resting your weary head!

Many people on forums complain about the noisy camper at the campsite, with loud music, not caring or thinking about others who may have been there first, or who may not like the noise.

It is not always possible or reasonable to move to another site!


What can you actually do with a noisy neighbour?

  • Approach them with a beer in hand offering drinks and friendship!
  • Put up with the noise and move on the next day!
  • Become aggravated with them and cause a disturbance?

Sometimes none of these tactics work for your peace of mind, but at least you know you have tried and except for causing a disturbance, you can actually be pleased that you made a reasonable effort to resolve a difficult situation.

Some people are just plain rude and do not care, in fact some of them even enjoy upsetting others. Fortunately, there are not many of these people who get out camping.

Our rights v Their rights!

In this day and age many people will remind us of their rights, their right to have power on at night so they can watch their TV, or run their laptop to play games.

Perhaps they have a point!

Pulling the plug from the generator will get some people fired up, perhaps it is not a good idea, but at 3.00 in the morning it may be a reasonable course of action, but what if it powers a medical device?

I agree that a generator can be noisy, and especially at such times however some times people need to run generators all night. Perhaps these people should camp away from others.

But what of your rights, you were there first, you setup away from the main area for a bit more quiet until this new camper arrived and setup near you. You have your rights too!


3 Different camping stories

  • Not so long ago we arrived at a free camp where the place was quite full and the only spot left was to park between two larger vans.

The occupants of one were there and we asked them if they minded us setting up our camper trailer next to them and apologised for being so close.

The lady was so surprised that someone actually asked that she was flabbergasted. Later on she told me that in her 5 years of free camping and caravan park camping that they had never been asked such a question!

  • Understanding that others come from different parts of the world, and have different ideas on camping.

On another occasion we arrived at a great camping location, plenty of nice green grass, lots of trees and a BBQ area undercover, we were the first to arrive.

An hour or so later another set of campers arrived, did their drive around to see where to set up camp and then chose a site as far away from us as they could. They had their own fire, were fully setup and did not require toilets, showers etc and as such did not bother us.

  • Another group of two vehicles arrived just on dusk, they setup within metres of us, two sites, 8 people, lots of noise, as you do when camping and setting up.

They were overseas tourists and spoke in German all night, nothing wrong with that but we could hear their conversations and their raucous laughing. A bit much at 2.00 in the morning.

Next morning we got to talking with them, in English of course, and discovered that in Europe camping is always crowded, the parks are all very small and it is normal to camp so close together. They had not seen camping sites as big as these that we have here, yet they still could not see the benefits of spreading out.

Our Australian way, same as others we hope!

Open Spaces
Open Spaces

As we have in Australia lots of large open spaces we have developed the custom of camping clear of others, only when we get into sites where there is limited room do we get any sense of crowded camping.

Even where there may be a group of 10 camping together we will normally form a circle so that we can have an area just for our group, leaving much space in the middle for the camp fire, conversations and comparing of equipment.

We all need to understand the differences in every one’s ideas of camping, hopefully this issue of noisy campers is an infrequent problem. Hopefully, you the other camper can find a solution.

The last thing we need is for people to get into arguments.

I for one will move to another site if I have to, and I will also go out of my way to find a remote place if peace and quiet is super important to me.

I would like to hear people’s views on this.

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