I enjoy being in the outdoors, and these are the things I love most in the outdoors:

  • Camping by the sea,
  • in the bush,
  • in the middle of no-where and
  • also in a caravan park.

Yep I love it all, but camping does not consume my life.

Touring to remote places in my four wheel drive, I love the fact that my vehicle allows me to go where most can’t but I am not an avid 4wd’er.

I have dreams of going to remote places, popular places too and enjoying life. I will be doing all of these things in the near future, trouble is work still gets in the way (only a little bit!)

When I start to miss the comforts of home, I will be able to go home and sit back and relax.

An update to my profile is that I have a trip planned to Perth just after Easter 2018, will be on the road for a while (around 2 months) and will take my time going across our large and beautiful country. Making sure I see a lot of lovely places in the process.

That is what I call enjoying life to the fullest I can.

My main reason for this website

I really want to help people find places to go on their camping, touring or sightseeing holidays.

I hope by providing some information about the trips I complete that others will find that it is not all that hard to “get out there”.

I will also be including a section describing places within a 3 hour drive of their capital city, because a lot of people are asking where they can go for a weekend away, preferably within 3 hours (or so) of home.

As I review these locations personally and take a bunch of photos there will be a review written of the location. Of course this means that it will take a while, but that is part of the fun.